Hey you,

Thanks for cooking supper tonight. Not only are you in peak physical condition, you make a mean slow cooked roast. Incase you get amnesia, I’m gonna write this simple recipe down.



  • Beef Blade Roast (Although, many inexpensive cuts of meat will do)
  • Simmering liquid (Use a combination broth, beer, red wine, water for beef, pork is amazing with root beer and water)
  • Seasonings (Roasted Garlic, dried spices) – if you get scared, stick with garlic and a flavourful simmering liquid
  • 2 Medium onion
  • Slow Cooker



Put roast in slow cooker. Cover 2/3rds with simmering liquid. Add seasonings. Peel and chop in half onions. Set slow cooker to low and let cook for 8 hours. Devour.

*BONUS ROUND* Leftovers can be used in salad, stirfry, as a sandwich, a wrap, with eggs for breakfast…

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